venerdì 13 settembre 2013

Two wonderful smiles

Dott. Salvatrice (Sally) D'Asaro
    One of the worst experiences of my life was the death of my only sister. Her name was Sally. She was younger than me: she had got brown hair and green dark eyes. She was a very good doctor. But her profession didn’t save her from a malignant tumour. It was terrible for me to see her dying little by little. She was 41 only. She died in 2001, on 13th September. Twins Towers’ destruction – happened on 11th September, two days before - and my dear sister’s death are joined by an invisible sad thread. 
What’s about her in my life?  A deep empty space. And her wonderful smile.
Dott. Eleonora Cantamessa

   It' died tragically while lent aid to an injured in a fight  in Chiuduno (Bergamo), Eleonora Cantamessa, a 44 year old doctor of Bergamo who works at the hospital Sant'Anna, Brescia. It 'happened on Sunday night, the eighth of September.

   The woman was well known and respected for her work as a gynecologist: let parents and brother of 35 years.

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